Some Thoughts on Frustration and Fulfilment


Coffee and slowing things down a bit can also help one out

Having a relationship with the Spirit of God makes one see things in the future and see things as how they should be. When things in the present do not line up with things in the future there is frustration. Frustration is not a bad thing, it’s just that things experienced don’t line up with things dreamed of, things hoped for and things expected. Frustration is part and parcel of being prophetic.

Frustration can either be handled well, or badly.

The future vision should not be a hindrance to it being realised, but should be a motivating picture of faith that releases hope and joy, not despair, hopelessness, depression and a critical nature when it’s realization seems to be deferred.

The journey toward the vision must be travelled on the highway of holiness, that, at times has not been constructed yet.

If the highway of holiness has not been constructed, one must not continue on the journey on a path other than the highway of holiness,but must rather focus on the construction of the highway. It is being constructed.

The journey from frustration to fulfillment must be fueled by faith. In this, one will see that the ultimate destination is not the fulfillment of the vision, it is actually the journey itself. It’s better to live in the desert in the presence of God, in hope, love, joy and peace, than enter the Promised Land without Him. But on that highway of holiness, travel is quicker than on foot, and destinations that are hoped for, will be reached surprisingly quickly.


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