What is glory?

I’ve decided I want to live my life pursuing glory. What is glory? I think glory is something that touches something eternal. Its something that is out of the ordinary, something that makes us marvel. I do believe glory reveals something of God’s nature. On a personal level, glory often brings tears to my eyes; tears of joy mixed with shouts of encouragement, lots of passion, and often plenty of smiling.

Glory is hard to describe and I think it has to be experienced. Sometimes a picture or a scene is full of glory. Just now I was looking through my top desk drawer in my office and I found a thank you card from my friends’ (Eddy and Kimmi) wedding.Ed & Kim thank you card The signs of glory are all over it; Eddy is a passionate guy and I remember getting a bit choked up when I initially received it seeing the love that flows from this photo. The thing I love about it, is that it reveals the joyful and passionate love that a bridegroom has for his bride. Love that is stoked to the bone! It touches eternity; the endless, passionate and joyful love that Jesus has for us, His Bride – He is stoked to the bone in His love for us. It makes me amped!

The other day I ran into the Checkers in Park n Shop to get my net prophet tickets from Computicket. I must have been in there for about 5 minutes and when I came out I gave R100.00 to the lady who was guarding my car. What she said to me and the way she said it was full of glory. It was in a soft Malawian accent and it was full of humility and grace, it was full of Jesus and yes, it made me cry. She simply said to me, “God bless you”. I thanked her. As I drove off, all the signs of glory were there. I can’t explain it, but I knew God was with that lady and I know that something about that moment struck a chord with the ways of God and His goodness. It was a Heaven meets earth moment. It was a moment that helped me to define glory.

As I drove off I thought to myself that was probably among the top ways to spend R100.00, I cried, laughed and got properly amped! This world and the people in it are full of glory. There are things in life that reveal glory. I figured I want to have more of those moments in every day of my life. I want to be alive and sensitive to these things. Things that may be hidden and things that may speak softly, but I do want to pursue glory. Where you find glory, you find something tangible that we can see, hear and feel that says “this is what God is like”. Glory is all around.